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Spare a little and save a child. Every little bit counts..

We wish to invite you to be a part of a noble and laudable Project, the OBIJACKSON HOSPITAL FRIENDS OF THE SICK (OBH Friends of the sick), a brain child of the hospital medical team.

The club was formed in response to the alarming increase in the number of acutely ill children who are brought to the OWCH seeking for medical emergency care. Sadly, majority of these children are unable to pay for basic medical services. These group of children often come in with life threatening conditions such as Anemic heart failure requiring urgent blood transfusion, Meningitis requiring intensive antibiotic therapy, Kwashiorkor requiring nutritional rehabilitation  and  respiratory infections requiring oxygen support  to mention but a few. Behind these issues often lies a common factor which is, the extreme poor socio economic status of these children whose fate is closely linked to the circumstance of their parents who watch helplessly as their children die from preventable diseases.

 Presently, the group caters to a great majority of these children through its Foundation and contribution from the medical team. However, the number of poor children requiring financial assistance has continued to increase in geometric proportion. In recent times, children who do not fall under the geographical area covered by the foundation have continued to arrive in critical conditions.  Turning these children away will mean abandoning them to die. In the light of the above, deliberations on ways to ensure that every indigent child who requires emergency care receives it was made.

​In this respect, the medical team proposed the setting up of an emergency fund which will be known as the OBH friends of the sick fund, in which interested members of the public who are touched and are led by God to contribute to saving the lives of these children, can make regular donations which can be used whenever such issues arise.

​The blessing and the import of your decision to be a part of this group whose aim is to save the lives of as many of these vulnerable children as possible cannot be quantified. It is important to note that these children do not have any way of coming back to thank you, but your contributions will be acknowledged by the Almighty God who sees in secret.

Members will receive regular updates on the activities carried out with the funds, and interested financiers may meet at least once a year to review activities. This is however optional, as some funders may wish to stay completely anonymous.

Thank you as you take the bold decision to join the group in its mission to give back life to children who otherwise may not have lived to see tomorrow.